Our Services
We are the l e a d i n g l o g i s t i cs p r o v i d e r
since last many years. We have been serving our clients with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities ...
     Our Services
  We are the leading logistic service provider for last many years in different parts of India. We have been serving our clients with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities. The details of which are given below:  
Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouse and distribution services cover a wide range of storage, transport, shipping and marketing operations. The key offerings which includes contract warehousing, deconsolodation, merge-in-transit, inventory management, logistics support, and a multitude of transportation options.

Verma warehouse implementation support is provided in few areas like:

Warehouse Strategic Planning: Selecting the most efficient storage designs, material handling systems and warehouse management systems to ensure peak operations performance.

Distribution Design and Implementation: Creating, maintaining and administering budgets and schedules; assisting with obtaining proper permits; overseeing installation.

In our Warehouses we follow Strict Cleanliness & Storage Norms so that there will be better storage and no damage. We provide Security 24x7 which does not allow any layman to enter without prior permission. We have our Own and Hired Labors and we follow Strict Loading & Unloading norms for a smoother and safer supply.

We have always maintained a very good reputation by providing quality infrastructure, timely and relevant services and required support to solve customer problems as soon as possible. In addition to that we keep on bringing in some uniqueness and always keep our fundamentals strong. Moreover we are always open to ideas and concerns from our customers as well as other people which help us develop our services.

Express Freight Transportation

The need and zest of ours in providing all round facilities to the principals landed us with a new area of venture that was Transport. The regular Transporters had their delivery point only in major towns, for which the small dealers suffered due to want of stocks on time and their sales suffered. We planned and started our own Dedicated Transport route-wise by which we were able to cater most of the small towns. We have mostly our own vehicles and vehicles on attachment basis. Moreover we are in tie-ups with few transporters to best serve our clients. In this process we have covered many stockiest in different part of India. We started with one vehicle and today we have more tha60 vehicles of our own, besides another 40 vehicles on attachment basis.

   • Our Experience in the field of Transportation helped us gain the bit of the market and its penetration.
   • Own Vehicles facilitate faster delivery of goods from the Warehouse to the Dealer/ Distributor point directly.
   • It saves time and improves Sale. It also reduces handling of the goods.
   • Damage to the stocks is reduced as the handling is reduced.
   • Faster and more repeat orders from small dealers are achieved.
   • We get Hand to Hand Acknowledgement of receipt from dealers.
   • Our tie-up with other transports helps us for smoother supply.
   • We carry full as well as part truck load

This dedicated transport system has been appreciated by our principals and we have been honored in terms of trophies, letters, rewards etc.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions is a Single Window enabler of Logistics and Supply Chain solutions encompassing all the needs of a value seeking progressive client – right from conceptualization to implementation.

Our approach sets us apart from other logistics providers. Our program managers, engineers, and logistics experts pursue solutions that are focused on your challenges, but reflect lessons we've learned in other industries here in India. We know your supply chain is unique, as are your needs and objectives. We recognize and respond with creativity, insight, and ownership.

Verma Supply Chain Analysis and Design Services:

   • Supply chain consulting to define business needs and logistics opportunities
   • Distribution network analysis and design
   • Transportation network analysis and design
   • Facility modeling and layout, including mechanization option assessment
   • Logistics network strategy
   • Transport design
   • Warehouse and facility design and simulation

Industry Specific Solutions

Verma Logistics has been working with well-known companies from various industries for decades in India. We have developed specialized logistics solutions for every requirement. We have a wide range of logistics facilities and rich expertise at our disposal to cater to the needs of almost any industry sector with operations in India.

Customer Specific Solutions

It is your working practices that shape our services. We offer customer-specific solutions. We tailor our services to the way you work, not vice-versa. This includes:

   • Customized transport (no rigid scheduling of incoming/outgoing goods)
   • Customer-specific digital information flows

Verma Logistics has years of experience in providing efficient logistics solutions and is responsible for ensuring the security and reliability of the delivery of your products. Automating certain processes plays a major role.